Charter a Jet

What You Should Expect When You Charter a Jet

In the last decade, the number of people who prefer flying private has drastically increased. For those who have never chartered a private jet, the difference between flying private and flying on a commercial plane may not be immediately apparent. Yet, a single trip on a charter flight will make you want to never board commercial flights again.

Companies like FlightPath help entrepreneurs, business executives, celebrities and other people who prefer private jet travel to get the best deals in the industry. If you have always longed for simplicity in travel, time saving, and more control of your travel schedule, you are the perfect candidate for private charter flights. To get you started, here are some things you should expect when you charter fly private.

Continue with your business deals as you fly

Private planes are designed to make travel an activity to look forward to. They have spacious cabins and comfortable seats that will inspire you to complete those business deals while up above the ground. Those sometimes annoying conversations you find yourself participating in or listening to do not exist when you charter a plane. You will enjoy a serene environment with the privacy you need to strike some business deals. You will also have access to WiFi, fax and a satellite phone so that you can continue with your daily business activities unhindered.

In-flight catering and entertainment

Today’s charter flights now offer catering services on request. You can also ask that the bar be stocked well ahead of your trip. Whether you are a vegetarian or would want gourmet coffees, fruit juices and snacks, you can have everything arranged to make sure you eat to your full and drink your fill for the duration of the trip.

In addition, you can enjoy listening to music and watching movies. Charter planes have CD and DVD players as well as a library of some of the best movies across several genres. Through proper planning and communication, you could even have your favorite newspapers or freshly cut flowers prepared for you.

Routing and schedules

A major difference between commercial flights and chartering private jets is when you fly private the airline follows your schedule rather than you following the airline schedule. So, instead of arriving at the airport a number of hours before the time you are scheduled to board the plane, you can arrive a few minutes to the departure time. If you get late, the private jet waits for you. You may be asked to pay extra for the delay, but you can rest easy knowing the jet will still be there when you arrive.

You also fly to the destination of your choosing instead of working around the destinations that your airline fly to. In addition, you can choose to fly to smaller airports that are likely to have little human traffic. Private jet travel makes it possible for you to take more direct flight paths than those commercial airlines can accommodate.

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